Space Perspective Balloon Space Tourism completes seed financing

Space Perspective Closes $7m Seed Financing Round

Space Perspective, the Florida-based 'human spaceflight company' developing high-performance space balloon and pressurized capsule technology, today announced it has closed a $7m round of seed financing.


Space Perspective Founder and Co-CEO Jane Poynter (who, in the 1990s, designed the air, food and water systems for Biosphere 2) commented “We are delighted to welcome our new investors to the Space Perspective team. We selected them because they are the cutting edge of venture capital. Their active approach to supporting founders is a critical component of executing on our mission to give people the life-changing experience of seeing our planet in space.”


Whilst the financing round is led by Prime Movers Lab (the lead investor in Momentus, another Space-related business), of more interest might be the investment by high-profile entrepreneur and business strategist Tony Robbins.  Mr Robbins' breadth of reach globally, together with his influence on both the general public and HNW/celebrity community is likely to provide a significant boost to Space Perspective itself but also to the wider space tourism industry as it provides further validation that trips to space or the edge of space are both viable and life-changing.


Taber MacCallum, also Founder and Co-CEO, remarked “We are grateful that this premier group of investors recognizes that space tourism has arrived and is a significant driver in the future growth of commercial spaceflight.”